Bomber Raid

Preparing for Battle

  1. Make sure the power switch is off, then insert the BOMBER RAID cartridge into the Power Base.

  2. Plug in Control Pad 1.

  3. Turn on the power switch.

  4. At the title screen, press either Button #1 or Button #2 twice to begin the game.

SMS Control Pad

Take Off!

After receiving your mission from headquarters, you'll automatically take off from your air base and soar into enemy territory. You have five dangerous missions to accomplish before you can return to your base to a hero's welcome. Headquarters will inform you of the main target in each mission. The main target must be destroyed before you move on to the next mission.

The Heat of the Battle

The battle action gets intense right away, so you'll need a full mastery of your controls and weaponry. You'll start the game with unlimited gun fire and three cluster bombs. Your remaining backup plans and cluster bombs are shown on the bottom left of the screen.

To maneuver your bomber - Press the directional arrows in the direction you want to fly. You can fly left, right, forward, or backward. If your bomber is destroyed, you can use one of your two backup plans. Each backup plane is equipped with three cluster bombs.

To fire your guns - Press Button #1.

To launch a cluster bomb - Press Button #2.

The Power Pods

Power Pod

You can use the Power Pods to score points, to increase your firepower, and to gain some help from your bomber squadron. When you shoot the Power Pod, it will be transformed into one of four items.

PCatch it to gain 100 points. Collect a total of eight to increase your gun's firepower.

SCatch it to gain 200 points and increase your speed.

1Catch it to gain 200 points and a squadron plane or shoot it to form your squadron. (See "Your Bomber Squadron")
Don't Catch This!Do not catch it! Destroy it to gain 100 points.

Your Bomber Squadron

When the Power Pod is transformed into a 1, you can begin to align your two squadron planes. Catch the 1 to gain your first squadron plane. Later you can shoot the 1 to increase its value and reposition your squadron. Shoot the 1 once to gain a 2. Shoot it twice to gain a 3. Shoot it three times to gain a 4. Catching the number blocks will align your squadron planes as follows:

First PlaneSecond Plane
1 Left Side 1 Right Side
2 Upper Left 2 Upper Right
3 Lower Left 3 Lower Right
4 Behind
shoots to the left
 4 Behind -
shoots to the right

The most recent number block caught will override the previous squadron position. Example: You catch a 1 and a plane appears on the left side. Later, you catch a 3 and the original plane moves to the lower left and is joined by a second plane on the lower right. Both planes are now in the 3 position.

The Enemy

The skies are swarming with dangerous enemy targets. Most enemies can be defeated with rapid gunfire, but some may require a cluster bomb blast.

On many screens, you must destroy intermediate targets before you can advance to the next screen.

Help Is on the Way

At the 50,000 and 100,000 point level you'll receive an extra backup bomber. Later, you'll earn an additional bomber for each 100,000 points.

Continuing the Fight

When all of your fighters are destroyed, the game is over. But all is not lost. You can continue your current mission with zero points by selecting the continue option.

Mission Completed

After completing each mission, you'll be awarded a 10,000 point bonus. In addition, your point total will increase by the percentage of targets destroyed, multiplied by 100. Before you take off on your next mission, three cluster bombs will be added to your existing arsenal.

A Hero's Welcome

When all five missions have been completed, you'll automatically land back at the base to a hero's welcome. At this point, you'll return to Mission 1 with your point total intact to face even faster enemies.

Fighter Pilot Tips

Your cluster bomb supply is extremely valuable. Save your cluster bombs for your toughest enemies.

Position your squadron planes wisely. In Mission 4, try to catch a 1 to protect your right and left sides. In Mission 5, a 2 may save your life.

Collect as many Ps as you can. You'll gain awesome weapons.