Bomber Raid

Round Select

At the title screen, on control pad #2, press and hold the D-button in the upper-left position and hold down buttons 1 and 2. On control pad #1, press button 1 twice. A screen appears from which you can choose what mission you want to start in.

Secondary Firing Mode for Squadron Planes

Each configuration of squadron planes offers a secondary firing mode which is not mentioned in the manual. They are as follows:

Configuration Primary Secondary
1Shoot straight left and rightShoot straight ahead
2Shoot diagonally forward-left and forward-rightShoot straight ahead
3Shoot diagonally back-left and back-rightShoot straight back
4Shoot straight left and rightShoot diagonally forward-left and forward-right

To toggle between primary and secondary firing modes, press and hold button 1. While holding button 1, press and release button 2. Only release button 1 after releasing button 2. This ensures that you will not accidentally launch a cluster bomb.

See the Bomber Raid manual for more information on squadron plane configurations.

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