Black Belt

Unlimited Lives

At the title screen, press and hold button 1. A red screen will appear showing the number of lives you have. When the screen goes blank, press and hold reset. Riki will walk across the top of the screen and die. After the game resets, let go of the reset button. When you start the game, you will have unlimited lives. (If this works, the background graphics in Chapter 1 will be garbled.)

Secret Level

When the ending message screen appears after defeating Wang in the 6th level, press buttons 1 and 2 while wiggling the directional-pad between up and down. This sends you to a secret level. (In Chapter 7, you will fight all the bosses again.)


Jump-kick his face repeatedly. A punch to the face when his energy is low will finish him.

Stay close, punch his face. The finishing move is a kick to the face, but you can accomplish it by continuing to hit the punch button.

Wait until Gonta charges and jump over him. Try to keep him in the corner by repeatedly punching him. If he starts jumping, back away and wait for him to charge again. (If you time your punches properly, you can continue to push him back without waiting for him to charge again.) The finishing move is a punch to the face.

--We have not found any good method for fighting Oni. The following are the best we can suggest.

Move to the left edge of the screen. Oni will come up to you and walk back and forth. Every time Oni punches you, kick him in the face. It will look like he will win, but as long as you kick him every time he punches, you will beat him. (Be careful. If you miss a kick, you will not beat him.) If he punches, but is not close enough to hit you, do not kick. Only kick after he hits you.

Alternative Method--unconfirmed
Stand still and let Oni move back and forth at you. The third time he approaches, he will throw a punch. Back up to avoid being hit. As soon as he misses, move in and punch his mask once.

Rita's weak spot changes. First, jump-kick her in the face. Then punch her in the face. Then crouch and punch her in the stomach. Then crouch and foot- sweep. You will have do this sequence twice. To finish, jump-kick her in the air while she's in the middle of a jump kick.

Move back into the left corner and crouch. Continue holding down and left. Wang will approach, jump, and land on you. Punch as fast as you can. Every time you hit him, he will freeze briefly. If you keep punching, you can bring his life meter all the way down. Then stand up and punch him in the face.


You've finally defeated
the boss and temporarily
brought peace to the world.

Now with the experience
you've gained and Kyoko's
love to sustain you,
continue to battle onward
to an even more rousing

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