Alex Kidd in High-Tech World


Map of the castle

Map pieces

Throne room: Take the first piece. Press button 1 and you will see it is the wrong piece of paper. Press button 1 to return to the game. Take the second piece.

Kitchen: The piece is in the wastebasket.

Mary's room: If you pass the test, Mary will give you a piece. Below are the answers.

  1. Tokyo (Capital of Japan)
  2. Vicel (15th scene in Space Harrier)
  3. 450 (Grams in a pound)
  4. Athens (First Olympics)
  5. 5050 (1+2+3+4+...+98+99+100)
  6. 206 (Number of bones in the human body)
  7. 50 (Number of stars on the American flag)
  8. Lira (Unit of "Itallian" currency)
  9. Mozart (Composer named Amadeus)
  10. 500 (Number of seconds for light to reach Earth from the Sun)

Digital clock: Once you have the ladder, go to the clock on the third floor. Get underneath the clock and press the D-button up. Alex will fix the clock and find the map piece.

Maids' Room: Name the six maids in order.

  1. Linda
  2. Betty
  3. Janet
  4. Cindy
  5. Susie
  6. Kate

James: After finishing the test with Mary, visit James. He gives you a burnt piece. Do not touch it. Telephone Rockwell (123-4321). After half an hour, visit Rockwell on the first floor (see map). He gives you the restoration potion. Bring it back to James' room. Then take the piece.

Library: Go to the library after 10 and talk to John. Then go talk to Barbara and find out which book she was reading. Then go back to the library and John will give you the piece.

Empty room: Go to the empty room at any point between 30 to 45 minutes past the hour. You meet Mark and Tom. (They will not be there at any other times.) Once you've talked to them three times, they will give you a piece of the map.

Leaving the Castle

After collecting all 8 map pieces, take the hang glider to the outside bridge below and to the right of the room where you found the hang glider.

Other Items

First Forest

The Wizard

High branch between two trees, near first yellow cloud

Jump twice here to make the wizard appear.

Extra Gold

Look for small yellow clouds. Shoot them five times to receive a chest of 200 gold pieces. There are three in this round. The first is shown in the image above. The second is over the water, a little past the halfway point. The third is at the very end of the forest in the upper-right corner of the screen. The maximum amount available in this forest is 1020 gold pieces. If you can collect all of it, you may save yourself a lot of effort in the village.


Learning the timing of the ninjas' attacks can be difficult. Fortunately, there is a narrow range in which you are close enough to shoot the ninjas, but far enough that they will not attack. Move forward slowly while shooting to find this safe attack distance.

Sometimes, however, there will be more than one ninja on the screen, making it impossible to sneak up on any one ninja as described above. When being attacked by more than one ninja, the best strategy is to keep moving. Note that the ninja attacks do not factor in your movement. If you are running when they attack, they aim where you were, not where you are going. If you keep moving, the ninjas' aim will always be off a little.

Things get difficult when you get to the water. You don't have a lot of room to run or dodge. You may find it necessary to jump and shoot down throwing stars before they hit you. Learn the spots where ninjas jump out of the water. Shoot before you jump across platforms and shoot while you're jumping. You can eliminate many of the ninjas this way before they have a chance to attack.

Leaving the Village

A guard at the checkpoint says you cannot leave without a travel pass. You can also bribe the guard with 2000 gold pieces.

Find the Travel Pass

There is a guard to the right of the temple. Go talk to him on the hour (00 minutes). Another person comes out and gives you a travel pass.

Bribe the guard

Each of the following will gain you 1000 gold pieces. Note that you can do the second or third, but not both.

  1. Go to the antiques store and buy the backscratcher for 20. Go to the pawn shop and sell it for 1000. If you collected all the gold in the forest, you will have 2000 after selling the backscratcher.
  2. Go to the fortune teller and pick Earth. He tells you to go to the burger shop at 2 o'clock. Enter at 2 o'clock (the time will be 2:05 once you're inside). You will win 1000 gold pieces for being the ten-thousandth customer.
  3. Go to the temple and pray 100 times. After that, go to the burger shop at 2 o'clock. (This method has not been confirmed by The Sega Notebook.)

Second Forest

Watch out if you are on the low branches. The cats can jump.

Do NOT...


Prince Alex has finally
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