Action Fighter

Cheat Codes

In the beginning of the game, there is a screen in which you enter your name. Enter any one of the following (each must fill all eight spaces):

If you enter a code correctly, your name will be shown as Player 1 throughout the game.

Sega Truck (ground sections only)

Power-Up's (air sections only)

ColorAbilityTo Get One...
YellowMissilesDestroy 2 complete waves of hang-gliders in round 1 and 3 waves in later rounds
WhiteIncreased speed of movementDestroy jets. Destroy 10 in round 1. More in later rounds?
GreenDestroys all enemies on screenBomb rescue rafts. Bomb 1 in round 1, 2 in round 2, more in later rounds.
Blue (white with a blue outline)Extra life or 200 added to the timer, if it has not run out yetPick up a lot of flags, or bomb two of the four houses immediately before flying over the city in round 3.

Notice that this differs slightly from the information given in the instructions. The manual states that a brown power-up gives an extra life, but it is actually the blue one. Furthermore, it gives you an extra life only if the timer has already reached zero. If it has not, you'll get 200 added to it.

The manual also states that there is another power-up that gives temporary invincibility. We have never been able to find one and suspect there actually isn't a fifth power-up.



When you are flying, pick up as many red flags as possible. After you collect enough, a cat's face will appear on the screen. This has little use, but may absorb enemies that touch it. Due to the low numbers of flags in the earlier rounds, it will not be possible to collect enough flags before round 3. There are only two different cats: a yellow one and a black-spotted one.

Enemy Bosses

Submarines (Clarken)

There are three subs that require three bombs each.

Attack the lower ones first so you only take fire from one general direction. Be aware that when you sink the first two, the last one shoots more rapidly.

Tanks (Baromet)

There are six tanks. Each one requires three hits with missiles or five hits with bullets.

You're on the ground for this one, and as a car, you do not move very quickly around the screen. Learn the timing of the tanks' attacks so you can anticipate when to move out of the way.


Three helicopters attack, one at a time. Each one requires 10 hits with missiles, or 20 hits with bullets.

Try to stay in front of the helicopter; they never shoot directly ahead. Focus your attention primarily on your own vehicle so you can dodge enemy fire. Use your peripheral vision to approximate where the helicopter is. It is tempting to look to see if you are hitting the helicopter, but don't. Concentrate on dodging the bullets. If you can stay more or less in front of the helicopter and you fire constantly, you will hit it.

Anti-Aircraft Tanks (Sphinx)

There are two waves of three tanks. Each one requires five bombs. Hit the turrets.

The first one in each wave appears a little lower on the screen than the other two. You cannot hit it until it shoots. Learn to approximate how far down it will be before it shoots. Line up your target there and time your bomb so it hits the tank right as the tank shoots. You can score a free hit this way. Move to the side to avoid his shot, then quickly back in front to drop another bomb. You should be able to get a total of three hits on this first tank before the other two start firing.

If you move to one side of the screen, the tank closest to you, and the one in the middle will fire at you. The one on the other side of the screen will fire away from you.

Move in next to one of the tanks. (You have to get pretty close.) It begins firing straight ahead. There is a narrow column of space on both sides of the tank in which you are not in the line of fire, but are still close enough that the tank shoots straight ahead. As long as you do not move too far to the side, the tank will continue shooting forward.

Pick one of the side tanks to attack. Alternate between attacking the middle tank and the side tank. To line up your bomb sight, you must be somewhat below the tank. Therefore, wait until the tank you are attacking is relatively high on the screen and the other one is relatively low. You'll stay out of the other tank's line of fire this way. Sometimes you can get in two hits at a time, but it's generally safer to attempt only one. As the two tanks move up and down, go back and forth between them, staying close to the top of the screen. When one reaches the top, drop down a little and bomb it. You will have to learn the timing of each tank's attacks to know when it is safe to move in for your attack. After you attack, stay close (so the tank continues firing straight ahead) until you are ready to cross over to the other tank. You can finish off two tanks this way.

The third tank will be relatively easy. Stay in the safe column. (Even if you are near the bottom of the screen and the tank is at the top, it still cannot hit you.) After the tank fires a shot, move in, bomb it and move out of the way quickly. Remember to stay in the safe area at the sides of the tank.

Attack the second wave of tanks the same way.

Aircraft Carriers (Top Secret)

There are two carriers that require thirty bombs each. It appears that you must drop the bombs on the control tower, or reasonably close to it. Bombing the deck has no effect.

The carriers shoot out two or three bullets at a time and do not pause long between shots. The best way seems to be moving in an arc pattern around the bottom of the carrier. At the bottom of your arc, drop a bomb on the control tower, then quickly move up to the side of the ship to draw its fire away. Arc back down and drop another bomb on the control tower. Continue up to the other side of the ship to draw its fire away again.

If you move continuously, you can stay barely ahead of the enemy bullets. Do not stop in one place, ever. If you don't keep moving, you will be shot down. Do not pause to aim when attempting to bomb the control tower. Try your best to get near it, but if you can't, keep moving and try again on your next pass. Do not try to turn around or change direction in the middle of your pass, or you will probably be shot down.


    At last you have accomplished all of your missions.
We hope you have enjoyed playing!
     So long!

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