• 10/6/07
    Updated for Meka 0.72
  • 19/3/06
    Fixed a bug with the theme editor saving the background image wrongly
  • 7/12/05
    Blitter selection is now saved correctly; improved tab order in theme editor
  • 21/10/05 0.72 WIP
    Updated for Meka 0.72 WIP, including a brand-new theme editor
  • 26/6/05 0.71
    Updated for Meka 0.71, tried to fix bad bitmaps for some users
  • 6/4/05 0.70
    Checked against Meka 0.70, added ability to select rom to play
  • 29/1/05 0.70 WIP
    Updated for Meka 0.70 (WIP)
  • 4/12/04 0.69b
    Updated for Meka 0.69b
  • 25/10/04
    Fixed a couple of bugs, most notably due to system settings where the decimal point is not ‘.’
  • 24/10/04
    Added theme editing support (note: it was a LOT of work!); improved theme preview to support gradients
  • 17/10/04 0.69
    Updated for Meka 0.69, including new PNG/TGA image support; fixed themes preview for certain cases; fixed 16x16 icon in Windows less than XP; added check if Meka is running to warn the user; added a button to apply the changes and run Meka
  • 15/4/04 0.68
    Updated for Meka 0.68; fixed error on load if MekaDos not present; added version check; freed blitter pages from restrictions; fixed joypad driver/MekaW issues
  • 4/4/04 0.67
    Updated for Meka 0.67; re-implemented the last two updates since I lost the source in a hard disk fatality; MekaNix support is less so, mainly because I really think it’s not likely to ever be useful
  • 15/11/02 0.65b
    Added cabinet mode and MekaW “soundcards”; fixed a stupid bug causing an error message on startup; improved icon
  • 12/10/02 0.65
    Updated for Meka 0.65 (very late); improved MekaNix support
  • 27/9/02 0.64
    Windows XP Visual Styles support; updated for Meka 0.64
  • 9/5/02
    Full MekaW support
  • 31/1/02
    Fixed a bug causing the GUI tab to display MekaW video drivers; some other minor changes
  • 28/1/02 0.62
    Updated for Meka 0.62; dropped translation support; preliminary MekaW support
  • 6/1/02 0.61
    Updated for Meka 0.61
  • 8/9/01 0.59
    Updated for new stuff in Meka 0.59
  • 3/8/01 0.58b
    Updated with the one and only change for Meka 0.58b. Chances are you won’t need the change anyway...
  • 27/7/01 0.58
    Updated for Meka 0.58. New settings include Meka message translations and sound file logging filename.
  • 10/6/01
    Added NES emulation switch (thanks to Zoop (Bock))
  • 30/5/01 0.57
    Added a full blitter editor because MekaBlit no longer works. Updated for changes in Meka 0.57. Updated the WB3 picture to have the right number of dots :o)
  • 7/5/01 Interim report
    There’s a new Meka in the works, with new settings... which might stop MekaBlit working. So I’ll try and make a proper blitter editor for the blitter page. And there’s now icons on the tabs.
  • 24/1/01 0.56
    Meka 0.56 version finally released - loads of settings added.
  • 13/12/00
    Updated for Meka 0.55 - I removed the control sections. I also converted it to 32 bit. Super-improved version coming soon!
  • 5/11/00
    Tested with version 0.55 RC2. Does not work; an all-new version is coming soon!
  • 26/9/00
    Tested with version 0.55 RC1
  • 13/9/00
    Fixed error messages when settings weren’t present.
  • 3/9/00
    Fixed the broken Rapid Fire bit.
  • 27/8/00
    Made it work with large fonts, re-ordered tabs. I also edited the tabs component so the font matches, but that meant I had to make it wider :o(
  • 26/8/00
    First version