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View topic - We need a level editor of SMS Rainbow Islands.

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We need a level editor of SMS Rainbow Islands.
Post Posted: Sun Jul 28, 2019 9:02 am
First off, use arsenal_51’s Good Ending Bug Fix patch as base.

I feel like this game needs more people trying to hack it, because I’ve played the game so many times, that I almost feel like it’s becoming repetitive, and I need a fresh experience with it, as is generally the purpose of ROM hacks. I want someone to make a level editor for the game, and a ROM hack WILL be made, even if I have to do it myself. We need a full level hack of SMS Rainbow Islands!
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Post Posted: Mon Jul 29, 2019 4:06 am
Well, I mean, you can always examine the code in emulicious and figure out how stages are drawn and where they're stored and create a program off that information or a plugin for Tiled.
Or commission someone to build the software for you if you have a budget for a project like this. I dont see the free/open source dev community hopping on this but i mean who knows. From my understanding this game came out on the MegaDrive as well as a ton of other m68k platforms so maybe its a bit more popular than im assuming.
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Post Posted: Mon Jul 29, 2019 12:14 pm
It was indeed popular, it even had a very good arcade version, which is why it's surprising that there doesn't seem to be any hacking tools for it at all, but I only did a quick Google search about it so I might be wrong. The next best thing I could find was a blog of some people who supposedly made the C64 version.

Since there are so many ports, I wonder, if a single company was in charge of at least two different ports (e.g. Master System and NES), given the completely different hardwares, the game code would be all different, but the game data (including level layouts) might be the same, give or take a layer of compression. This is just a theory, of course, it's entirely possible for the level layouts to be different as well to be optimised for the different VDPs, but it might be something worth inspecting if someone feels like combing through a few different ROMs.

I can't make any promises, and I doubt I can personally find the layout data, but I'm up to help, at least with the actual editor, I like this kind of thing.
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