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A new version of Emulicious is available
Post Posted: Fri Jul 19, 2019 9:35 pm
A major update of Emulicious is available!

This new version of Emulicious enables you to load your own source files into the debugger. This means that you no longer have to step through a disassembly of your code when developing a game. Instead, you can step through the code you wrote. It has been tested with the source code of all homebrews which provide source code (not only limitted to assemblers, i.e. it also works with SDCC).

Additionally the outline has been improved and now shows different icons for code and data. You can even decide if you want to hide code or data labels from the outline. The Reference Hierarchy also uses the new icons now.

This version also adds an option to setup the volume levels (Master System 1 or Master System 2) to use for Master System emulation.

A full list of changes can be found below:

  • The debugger now allows to load sourcefiles so you can work with your own code now
  • The disassembler now groups consecutive runs of equal bytes with dsb directives
  • Added Volume levels to Sound menu
  • The Outline can hide code or data now
  • Outline and Reference Hierarchy use icons now to differentiate between code and data
  • Coverage data is now persisted
  • The memory editor now allows to save the current selection as a binary file
  • On Mac OS when Emulicious is closed via Cmd+Q it will now also save its settings
  • Fixed issues with symbols loaded from SDCC map files
  • Fixed wrong position of current address in overview ruler
  • Several minor bugfixes and improvements

Users of Emulicious can receive the update via the update system, others can check it out at
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Post Posted: Sun Jul 21, 2019 7:46 pm
I already had the chance to test the new features, and they're super useful!
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