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Unable to repair Game Gear
Post Posted: Wed May 15, 2019 11:29 am

I have three consoles...

Lets called them A, B and C.

A is Twin Asic - after recap everything is ok

B is same Twin Asic as A. But after recap, i have game with sound, but screen is REALLY washed out. So i can barely see some texts on wierd angle. Contrast wheel is working ok. Since ive got the same type "A" console i've use multimeter to compare values on some parts, and got really strange readings. Like smd cap c55 - on A i've got 520 on multimeter when checking continuity and on B i've got 1100. There are more differences like this one. but cant really trace where they started. Or maybe its ok?

C is Single Asic (so cant compare values). Motherboard is in perfect condition. No corrosion, no leak from capacitor. Immediately shut down after half second. Same result after recap everything.

Testing all consoles on single power board, so power is ok.
Ive spend almost a week stare at this motherboards and cant find any solution. Any hint where to look?

Here is someone else video of how screen looks on my B console on reddit (sorry cant post full link)

Hope someone can give me some hints on what to do next ;)
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