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Great Ice Hockey
Post Posted: Sat Apr 13, 2019 7:57 am
After one of the latest hacks I finally had a decent go at playing Great Ice Hockey with a regular control pad.

Is it me or the weakest team in the game Poland has one of the weakest AI opponents I've ever played on a Sega game? I thought when I wasn't getting tackled I was playing a 2 player game! It's as bad as an Atari 2600 opponent. I'm guessing with a Sports Pad it would be slightly harder, but can anyone think of a worse computer opponent in a Sega game?

Also as the 2nd period ended the game screwed up, it started the 2nd period again but when they lined up to start the game again my players were missing from the screen! I'm not sure if this is a known bug.

After playing the easiest game I tried the best team USSR and my goodness I get slaughtered 5 goals in the first period. Then in the 2nd the computer opponent seemed a lot easier, less aggressive, no tackling (were they tired?!), then the difficulty increased in the 3rd.

I think if my Sports Pad had worked I would have broken it playing against USSR or broke my hand!!!

Anyway it's cool to be able to play with a pad, but with a responsive Sports Pad I bet this is a good little game...
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