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View topic - [Semi-OT] Sonic Mania concept suggested on Lego Ideas

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[Semi-OT] Sonic Mania concept suggested on Lego Ideas
Post Posted: Tue Mar 12, 2019 1:45 pm
Hello, I just wanted to inform you that someone posted a Mania-themed concept on the Lego Ideas website. Since Sonic is always Sonic (despite Sega's own efforts to ruin him), I asked the original author if I could spread the word somewhere else, and she agreed, so here it is. If that concept reaches 10000 unique supporters, Lego will consider to produce it. It's like 30% on its way right now. More details can be found on the linked page, or on Sonic Retro.

This is less OT than you think, since the concept is based upon Green Hill, hence the "semi" in the title.

Thanks for your time.
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