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Post Posted: Mon Jan 28, 2019 10:19 pm

bmp2sms is yet another clone of bmp2tile with portability in mind, it is made with Tcl/Tk and should support a quite large number of platforms, it is UI centric for now (no commandline support).

It was in a frozen state since 4 years but the development was resumed some days ago as i am fiddling again on the platform and i completed some of the missing vital features.

It support compression plugins made for bmp2tile via Ffidl Tcl package which is not so easy to install on some systems unfortunately, i may write something about it.

The UI is almost like bmp2tile except that it load a complete directory instead of one file and it has a bundled palette editor with palette picker, the palette can be reordered and colors can be changed.

Some differences with bmp2tile :

* only target the Sega Master System
* the program perform colors conversion if image colors does not match the SMS palette
* indexed images are loaded as normal images (the palette is ignored), a palette is instead automatically generated, this is actually a Tcl limitation which is kind of hard to get rid of
* it load a complete directory instead of only one file at a time, there is planned support to save all files in one go
* two features from bmp2tile are missing : 8x16 mode and cl123 palette output mode
* no commandline mode
* no status bar

Here is some screenshots :
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