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SG-1000 II AV Mod & Audio
Post Posted: Tue Jan 22, 2019 4:18 pm
I've got an SG-1000 II that I've added an AV Mod to, I've taken the instructions to do it from this link:

I took the instructions from a link on this site (which I can't post here because I'm a new member), but generally the part I'm having trouble with is quoted from these instructions:
"With Pin 9 just solder one leg of the capacitor to pin 9 and the other leg to ground. Solder your center wire of the audio to Pin 9 as well (or the leg of the capacitor running to pin 9)."

I get no audio out according to these instructions. I've added the .001uf Cap to pin 9 of the described sound chip, and ran the other leg to ground. Oddly I don't get sound from anywhere, if I probe the board with my audio cable I get some static but never a clear audio out feed.

For the .001uf cap, I'm using 2x 470pf Caps in parallel which comes out to 960pf or 0.00096uf, so hardly and difference from 0.001uf as suggested to use. I've taken ground from the RF shield as well, does anybody know what's up? Running this off RF I do get audio, so nothing wrong with the audio chip.
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mod help
Post Posted: Mon Jan 28, 2019 4:41 pm
just conect pin 9 to RCA center, and the outer RCA to ground.
and in the middle conect the capacitor to ground too.

just like this.

pin 9 ---------------------------------- RCA center

dont forget to conect de out RCA to ground
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