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View topic - Master System Controller Plus Saturn Mission Stick = Foot Pedal?

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Master System Controller Plus Saturn Mission Stick = Foot Pedal?
Post Posted: Sun Sep 16, 2018 4:03 pm
Last night I bought a second Mission Stick to test the Dual-Mission Stick Mode on Panzer Dragoon. After successfully using it, I tried couple of other things.

1) Using the dual stick on other games- The 2nd stick does not respond,. However, the X, Y, Z buttons are now mapped to the three buttons on the second stick. This allows easy access to the those buttons. I tested this on about 7 games (with Cyber Sppedway, Wing Arm, MechWarrior 2, Sky Target, Duke Nuken, Doom working). on a couple games, I had to start the game with the standard controller first then switch to the Mission Stick. Some games allow for the reassignment of all buttons. In Duke Nukem , I assigned L & R strafing to the Y and Z buttons (two top buttons) and Pitch to the X (2nd trigger). Other games have maps/view changes assigned to those buttons.

2) I also tried out a SMS controller to the sub control port on the mission stick instead of a second mission stick- The buttons on the controller become mapped to the X button. In Duke Nukem, ended up assigning jump to the X button and used the SMS controller as a foot pedal. The Mission Stick remained working with the addition of the "foot pedal"

3) I tried a Sega Genesis Genestick - This corrupted the Mission Stick controls. However, Y was assigned to the LEFT of the stick and Z was assigned to RIGHT on the stick. Very stage stuff.

4) Regular Genesis/6 button pads don't fit due to the size of the D9 plug on those controllers. I may try it with an extension cord today to see if it works.
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