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GG2SMS is amazing. Thank you.
Post Posted: Sat Aug 18, 2018 5:46 am
I'm just dropping in to say thanks for making the Power Rangers SMS hacks. I understand this is a community about SMS in general, but I don't know where else to put this.

The amount of work put in is impressive for all these converted multiplayer GG games. As someone that played MMPR/Movie in the past, words cannot describe how happy I am, finally able to play these games with friends. To know that there is an entire community dedicated to such an overlooked console is quite interesting.

Hopefully the PR hacks will be updated in the future. Mostly what I'd like to see is QOL changes for VS mode such as easier stage swapping, picking the alternate color, and story music.

I'd post links to the matches I played online, but new member.

Many quirks we "discovered" were noted in the hack notes here. *derp* In the videos I also erroneously assumed that the lag might have been the result of the hack port, but after looking into the original Game Gear version it is not the case at all.
I found a few palette errors on Regular that I'm not sure are color limitations of the SMS or are oversights since colors are reused. I didn't look through all of them, but Shell Shock and Putty Patrol's P1 palletes have duplicate colors.

Again, thanks for the cool stuff. I'll look around to see what else is offered here. Stay awesome!
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Post Posted: Thu Aug 30, 2018 10:51 pm
Thank you very much for recognizing my work in these games.

The work was hard and full of enthusiasm, although they showed up for the SMSPower Competition 2018, I really had very few votes and no news that I know of my position in the competition.

The quality of my hacks and complexity has evidently been increasing.

I think I have never explained how any of my hacks work, this time I will do it:

For PRMF, PRMF Movie, the following operations were performed:

- code necessary to read the PAD2, this must be divided into two parts, one the directional movements and the other the buttons 1 and 2, and taken to the memory addresses required by the game

- In the selection screen of 2 players in the original link mode does not represent what was selected by the other player, so assign button 2 to player 2 and play a sound if you select it as well as write the memory address that the game required to fight in VS mode

- I realized that writing the palette produced undesirable effects on the HUD, it was necessary to limit the writing of palette, so create a previous subroutine that added and stored the new palette, if it was equal to the previous one, it was not written and if it was different he wrote, to be more dynamic, he chose the data of the palette that were more relevant, the process should not slow down the game

- The conversion of the Game Gear palette to the Master System was optimized, 5 or 6 bytes per cycle were gold to maintain the gameplay

- In the first version each player had a default scenario, "Extra Options" was activated so that the scenario was selectable

- In PRMF Movie it was necessary to add code to represent the sublevels of the scenarios and thus be all available

- In PRMF Movie a new "RAY" was drawn for the SuperMove in case of 1P VS 2P and the code was written to modify the blinking color

- Added code to fill with black color parts of the scenario that were not seen in GG mode and if MS

Surely I must leave something to comment because I do a little memory, ending would like to thank the people who comment and appreciate the efforts of others as in this case has done "Streetwize"
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Post Posted: Sun Sep 16, 2018 2:04 am
Funny enough you show that tweet. The guy that runs the Twitter isn't me, but the person I played online with. We also tried many other GG2SMS fighters during his stream. Not all of them were multiplayer sadly, which made me even more grateful that Power Rangers worked.

It's understandable that you made workarounds for the new features. I can only imagine how difficult reprogramming a ROM could be, much less converting from one system to another even if the hardware is somewhat similar. I do hope the character and stage selection become streamlined with proper menus in the future. The stage music would also be really nice.

As your skills improve even more, Hopefully you'll revisit these games. I found some serious issues in the engine itself (both regular and Movie). Every 45 out of 60 frames, on average, do not register input. It also doesn't help that one player acts two frames after the other when both players press the button at the same time.

What you said about optimizing palettes had me curious. It's mostly accurate. Goldar can be fixed with a color from Beam Caster easily while I'm not sure how to fix the Black Ranger and Hornitron with the MS's lack of black colors. Either way, I'm still playing around with the game despite it all. I just wish I could do better on Normal. It's a hard game. :P
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Post Posted: Sun Sep 16, 2018 6:15 am
Many games of that era run at lower than 60fps, even 30fps is often not achieved and some even have inconsistent frame rates (constant lag). If you only see 15/60 frames reading the input then the game is probably running at 15fps.
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