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Game Gear - power base project
Post Posted: Mon Jun 11, 2018 12:24 pm
To see detailed videos of this project and the progress being made. Visit my Instagram account @wings00000

I felt that I should start a new posting just for this project as I would like to get input on it and see what everyone would like. I am taking Sega Game gears and turning them into consoles. With 3d printed shells. My goals for this project is too not only make a pre-assembled system complete in box (styled after the Master system but with blue instead of red) with an adapter for Master system games and all you would need to connect to a TV along with a new controller with a start button.

But I also want to make a DIY version that people can make them selfs. Giving those who like a challenge free range to go all out.

I am also working with a few people who already make there own games. To make new games for the game gear. I want to give creators the chance to publish there own games.

The system.
The shell will look like a model one Sega Master system but with a blue scheme. (Possibly with interchangable plates). The first ones will definitely be 3D printed with a SLA printer (Form 2 printer) if they do well I'll move onto injection molding.

Inputs/ outputs
This will future Tim worthingtons GGTV
Sega Genesis model 2 A/V port already tested with the HDRETROVISION and works perfect. RGB can be taken from this without issue.
Composite video
Left Right audio
Component video (considering)
Looking for someone to help with an upscaler or line doubling add-on.
1 to 2 controller ports. Player 1 will be a direct wire up to the button mapping. Player 2 will be tapped off of the ext port (no start button support)

The player one controller will also be 3D printed with a custom PCB that will support a start button. This will also be wired so that it matches the Sega Master System Controller just with one extra wire for (start) in Theory this same controller should work for the SMS as well. It will also have a blue over lay that can be changed out.

Now the real suprize. This I will need help with. The cart connector will be desoldered with 2 PCB boards attached with a flat ribbon cable. What I'm adding to this board is the ability to have a game on the system. So if no cartridge is detected a game will boot up instead. Truly making feel like the SMS and giving everyone something. This is wear I'll need help designing the setup for the switch between internal game vs cartridge.

So please feel free to let me know what you think as well as what you need needs to be added.

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New update
Post Posted: Thu Jun 14, 2018 9:26 pm
I have a very talented pixel artist working on his own game. I've also started a Discord ( on the topic you can visit that channel here but I still want to post as many updates as I can on this channel as well and updates will keep coming to my Instagram.

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