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Post Posted: Tue Apr 23, 2019 8:22 pm
Wesker wrote
There seems to be a GG2SMS done for the Special version, which was fantranslated long ago, but not the regular one which is the one receiving a fantranslation now. Not sure which are the differences between the two versions.

They're actually two different games. Last Bible Special is a first person dungeon crawler, while Last Bible is a more traditional JRPG.

I tried to post screenshots but I don't have enough posts. Just look both titles up on YouTube to see what I mean. I thought they were just different versions of the same game too based on the title.
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Post Posted: Wed Apr 24, 2019 9:50 pm
dudududufhfh advance to find link about GG2SMS English conversion Last Bible

Some news about Fatal Fury Special GG2SMS, I deleted all garbage around Stages, (sometimes a lot of garbage is loaded, allways outside Game Gear resolution), but it is not 100% free, I needed to "simplify" tiles in down area, where you are walking, overall, it is a pleasure not see garbage blinking, here is 2 pictures about it

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Post Posted: Yesterday at 9:52 pm
Wesker wrote

There's an issue happening in the GG2SMS conversion of Gunstar Heroes which was done by sdsnatcher and it's almost flawless except for this problem.

In the flying battleship level (where you face Captain Orange), when you get to the battleship after doing the climbing, there's a difference in the GG2SMS conversion compared to the Game Gear game which may lead the game into a fatal glitch/lockup.


Hi Wesker!

Thank you for the feedback, but this is a known issue. It's written on the README and on my site:

"The larger screen area makes some enemies appear immediately in some areas, like in the 1st screen of the 1st stage, and in the 1st screen of the airship stage."

This means it's not a matter of locking the scroll, but rather a consequence of the larger screen viewport. It would require some investigation find the spawn point of those enemies and edit the map to change them, but sadly I won't have time for that any time soon.
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