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View topic - SG-1000 Game Cassette Eleki Magnets (Ereki magnets)

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SG-1000 Game Cassette Eleki Magnets (Ereki magnets)
Post Posted: Sun Jul 24, 2011 3:11 pm
I got those from Masato, lovely little set of magnets representing SG-1000 games box arts. There is a "common" set of stickers from the same manufacturer but I've never seen the little magnets before!
I will open a few of them carefully to see what kind of games are represented.

In Japanese it says:
セガ ゲームカセット エレキ (sega game cassette eleki)
最新ソフトカード入り!! (include the latest soft!)

Eleki apparently stands for anything electronic, which i imagine is the kind of vocabulary that was tied to video games back in 1984.

Now what I need is a big fridge.

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