The Gender Adapter allows you plug western cartridges (those used in US, Europe, Brazil) through the back extension port of all models of Sega Master System 1 (including the Japanese SMS).
Read the forum thread for more information, and feel free to post if you have any questions. Please note that some games have compatibility issues.


15.0 EUR, shipped worldwide. Purchases are made via Paypal.
Please Paypal 15.00 EUR to omar AT to place your order. Please specify if you want a diagonal (default) or straight adapter.


For any question regarding the adapter please post on the official forum thread.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: Is the adapter still available?
A: YES. (last updated May 2017)

Q: Are all games compatible?
A: No, a few games are not compatible due to the way they were programmed (NB: it is often possible to patch the games if you are playing from a flash/custom cartridge). Please refer to the official forum thread to get an idea of games that may not be functioning. The Master Everdrive cartridges works with it.

Q: What are the difference between the "diagonal" and the "straight" adapter?
A: The diagonal version fits nicely into a fully closed system. To plug it you have to cut the bit of plastic on the back of the system that is preventing access to the extension port. The straight version of the adapter is for the few maniac people who don't want to cut that bit of plastic, the drawback is that you have to open your Master System case and keep it open to use the adapter. 90% of my stock are of the Diagonal version and this is what most people want.

Q: What is the estimated delivery time?
A: I am shipping adapters rather infrequently, please allow for about 3-4 weeks for dispatch. Often I can ship faster (please query if you need one fast). If you don't receive your adapter after a few weeks please e-mail me just in case I forgot (it happened one or twice in the past!).


Diagonal version: (recommended):

Straight version:

Diagonal version, Master System closed:

Diagonal version, Master System closed, back:

Diagonal version, Master System closed, with cartridge:

Do it yourself

Instructions to build yourself a cheap gender adapter

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