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Welcome to the third Sega Newsletter, as you can see there have been a few changes - for the better! Each issue of the Sega magazine will be at least eight pages with more news, reviews and special features.

There will he an extended tips section, a special highscore roundup, more indepth reviews, letters and special offers on T-shirts and games.

Sega is going from strength to strength in the UK and Europe with many new titles due in 1989 and an ever increasing user base. If yon are having problems getting your hinds on the latest games it’s because they are selling out as soon as they are shipped into your local store! If you are desperate you can contact Virgin/Mastertronic directly to order those hard to get items!

Quite a few of you are setting tip Sega User Groups and I will be running a special feature in. the next newsletter on a couple of them. There will also be a list of local User Groups in upcoming Newsletters so you can get involved locally. Keep up the good work and remember all you have to do is get 5 or more Sega users together, hold a meeting and let me know when your second club night is. I will come down and demo the latest games (I may even let you PLAY them!!), and there will be some free games to be handed out...

The Hotline is beginning to sizzle. By far the most taxing games in the last three months are Phantasy Star and Miracle Warriors. To help you along the way there is a players' guide to Phantasy Star in this newsletter. Keep your eyes peeled for more player guides in 1989.

The response to the tantalizing taste of the Sega Megadrive in the last issue has been amazing, the Hotline has been jammed with your calls on the new machine. Hang on in there, it is a fabulous machine and it will make 1990 worth waiting for.

This month’s exclusive review is Galaxy Force which should be hitting your local shop early summer. Other games reviewed are Power Strike, and Time Soldier.

Remember the Sega Hotline is open from 10.30AM to 6PM Monday to Friday (answerphone outside of office hours) for you to get upfront product info, tips, leave highscores or to let me know about the Sega User Group you are setting up locally ...

The latest arcade smash from Sega is here!

Galaxy Force the hit coin-op has been converted to the 8-bit Sega, it comes on a four megabit cartridge and the action never stops! The prototype arrived in early April and Sega Club members are the first to get a taste of this mega game (see main review for details).

As if that is not enough, Sega can promise you an action packed year with masses of new games catering for a very wide and differing audience. For sports fans Super Basketball with great graphics and play, California Games the Epyx classic featuring surfing, BMX and skateboarding, Walter Payton Football a grid iron classic for all you American football fans and Reggie Jackson BasebalI which is a full feature baseball game with fab graphics and action.

On the arcade licence front there is plenty to look forward to with arcade classics like Rastan Saga due in April, the IREM kung fu masterpiece Vigilante due in May, Altered Beast should be out there now and a follow up to the hugely popular Outrun. Outrun 3-D has all new challenges AND a 3-D perspective to keep you on the edge of your seat!

Those of you who are fans of the Alex Kidd series will be happy to know that there is a third game in the series, Alex Kidd in the High Tech World. You have to help Alex get to the High Tech World Arcade by collecting eight pieces of map and battling ninjas and border guards.

3-D fans have not been forgotten with two new titles. Poseidon Wars 3-D has you piloting a cruiser through 14 rounds of combat against jets, armored carriers and submarines, with plenty of power ups along the way. Maze Hunter 3-D is a fellow up to the original (I bet you would never have guessed!) with thirty more screens of action to battle through, with great new graphics and weapons.

For those of you who enjoy sleepless nights Sega has a new role playing game called Warrior Quest. Your land is under attack from mysterious forces, you have to discover their secrets by travelling through time. I have a sneaky feeling all fans of Phantasy Star and Miracle Warriors will be right at home with this one. As if that is not enough tor you, try Y's. Here players have to find the six hidden books of Y's so a goddess can be released to save her land. It features animated play in palaces, dungeons and towers and players can enter towns and villages to get clues and supplies. Y's offers full interactive play, stunning graphics and a battery memory so up to five games can be saved. Y's is for one to five players and is another one for all you insomniacs.

Other games due for release and just out include Captain Silver, Lord of the Sword, Gollvellius, Rampage, Time Soldier, Cybourg Hunter and Bomber Raid.

With so many games due out in 1989 you can jet an upfront peek at some of the prototypes and other Sega goodies if you can get a Sega User Group up and running.

Sega User Groups are springing up all over the place, many of you have contacted the club for more information and starting a club could not be easier. Just get five or more owners together, have a meeting setting a club night and contact the club and a date can be arranged for a visit.


Your questions have been coming by the sackful! You can write in for just about anything to do with the wonderful world of Sega-product news, software prices, comments on the mag or even to let off steam about what you do not like about Sega!!

Dear Sega,

I wholeheartedly congratulate you on producing the No 1 game console in the world. The Sega system wipes the floor with any competition and the Sega Club is tops!



Darren what can we say! With support like yours how can Sega fall. -ED

Dear Sega,

I am the proud owner of a Sega Master System and I have a few questions that need answering.

Is it true that there is a follow up to Afterburner?

Can you give me some more info on Sega compatible joysticks and the Sports pad.


Unfortunately Steve there is no news on a follow up to Afterburner. There are a number of options when it comes to joysticks. There are the standard issue joypads that come with the console, the larger official Sega control stick (14.99), the Konix Sega compatible (around 13 pounds) and the Quickshot with microswitches is also another good bet At the end of the day a joystick is really a matter of personal preference, what suits you may be considered as bad for someone else.

The Sports pad is on sale in the US at present but the choice of games for it is limited and there are no plans to release it in the UK.

Keep your eyes peeled for a special report on Sega sticks in a future issue. -ED

Dear Sega,

I love Sega games but will there be many third party games for your system?


Well Mr Gorfin the third party base for Sega games is getting bigger all the time. At the moment there is R-Type and Vigilante from IREM (stands for Innovation in Recreational electronic Media), Rampage from Bally Midway, Double Dragon from Technos, the Epyx sports simulations and Shanghai from Activision.

All the above do not include the enormous range of quality games from Sega itself, the list continues to get longer.. -ED

Dear Sega,

I have already sent you a letter with a highscore for Space Harrier on the Master System (26,589,810). But a couple of hours after posting the letter I beat my score and completed the game with lives in reserve. I hope I can still be entered in the highscore table.


It is great hearing from Sega fans, highscores are constantly changing and if you want to be up there with the best keep practising and send those scores in! - ED

Dear Sega,

I wish to know what the cover on the underside of the Sega is for and what does it do? Also why have Sega brought out a 4 Mega Classic and will there be any more of these 4MC coming out?

I would like to see more news and reviews on the Sega as it is a damn good machine! OK


The cover on the underside of the Sega is to stop you looking inside! But seriously it is obviously an expansion port and to the best of our knowledge Sega has never used it as such.

4 Mega Classics are the biggest carts available on the Master System (500 kilobytes) and there are two in the range at present Afterburner and Phantasy Star.

The newsletter has now gone up to 8 pages so rest assured your thirst for Sega info will be satisfied.



It is highscore time and the nominated game for the next newsletter is R-Type. As you can see the highscore list is getting longer, we need scores for as many different games as possible ring in on the Hotline (0736-810875) or drop us a line with your new highscores, CHEATS BEWARE WE MAY ASK FOR PROOF OF YOUR SCORE!!





Grease those palms and ease that joystick into your hand, get ready for some SERIOUS action with the latest smash arcade game from Sega Galaxy Force!

Yes it is here (in prototype format) and zappers can rest assured the action is fast and furious. Galaxy Force is probably the ultimate shoot 'em up from the worlds ultimate arcade machine manufacturer, the Sega Master System version comes on a 4 megabit cartridge (500 kilobytes) and it has all the essential elements from the coin-op original.

You have to destroy four planets and you have missiles and machine guns at your disposal. If you are hit by enemy fire your shield is depleted and if it hits zero you lose your life. Although there is a Continue option on Game Over.

Before starting out on each planet you are treated to a slick launch sequence with your ship powering out into battle.

On powering up you are presented with the Galaxy Force logo and if left to stand the game will zip through levels in attract mode. Press fire and the screen shows the four planets you have to destroy and as in the arcade version you can rotate the planets to make your selection. Planets have two distinct stages, the planet surface (except scene A) and the underground tunnel sequence.

On scene A (there are four scenes A-D) you find yourself in space with a deep mysterious star filled background scrolling either left or right, aliens stream at you from the front and rear and you have to destroy them with your machine guns and missiles (Afterburner fans will find this technique familiar!) The missiles have a homing sight and you have to time missiles with the lock on of the cross sight.

The alien craft come in all sizes, are superbly detailed and coloured, you have to be quick on the fire button whilst watching out for the missiles they fire at you. if you are hit your ship veers to the right or left and you lose precious Shield. If you make it to the end of the space section a planet appears with a hole in its centre, your ship flies into it and you find yourself in the tunnel sequence.

The tunnel has masses of side walls flying by you and you have to try and maintain a central course without touching them. As you go along there are prompts (Left or Right) which tell you which way to turn up ahead, if you ignore them you hit the side walls and lose shield. This section has a lovely rolling feel to it and you can literally find yourself zooming around corners if your timing is hot. To make life that bit harder there are aliens in the tunnel who tear along firing at you (watch these guys!!) so cat like reflexes and a mean zapping eye will see you through.

At the end of the tunnel you are treated to a spectacular sequence with you flying out of the planet and the planet exploding. A score screen is shown with bonus points awarded for the number of ships you destroyed and the amount of shield remaining.

You are taken back to the planet selection screen and you can choose any of the other three planets (a useful option for practising those hard to get planets). Scene B is the infamous Fire Planet this is one of the most spectacular on the arcade version and it will make you gasp on the Master version. As you fly out there are mini volcanoes below you and fireballs stream in from the side. Aliens come thick and fast (is there any other way?) and you still have to keep an eye out for the flame arches that burst from the planet surface trying to hit you. Rather easier to avoid are the vertical poles of fire that spring up.

At the end of the sequence a large volcanic hole opens and you delve into the depths of the planet for the inevitable tunnel sequence. If you thought you mastered the first one then watch out, this is a whole new ball game. The walls move faster and the bends are like quicksilver! Survive and you get to see the planet explode and those bonus points are added on.

As for scenes C and D, well they are just as exciting and you may find yourself mopping a very sweaty brow as the action gets to you, BUT you will have to go out and buy this zapper's dream to see them. If you should complete the final stages there is one big final battle before you get to see the end sequence. The end sequence has you.. well that would be telling!!!

Hold on to your hat, here comes the most compulsive, thumb aching, mind blowing scrolling shoot 'em up in years. No Takoushi is not raving again! Power Strike has done something towards making the scrolling shoot 'em up respectable again.

In the last year or so scrolling games have become pretty boring. They tend to look just a little like R-Type, Power Strike is none too different from what has gone before in essence, you move a ship around the screen shooting the enemy and getting power ups. What sets this game apart is its sheer PLAYABILITY and arcade FEEL.

The scenario is pretty yuko with you having to destroy mutant vegetation in the world's most powerful jet fighter. There are six rounds and you can continue on the same level you went out on. You start with three lives and extras awarded at 20000 and every 100000 thereafter. Your normal weapons are cluster beams (button 1) and special weapons (button 2) which can be picked along the way.

As you do battle certain ships will be carrying the letter P and when destroyed they release the letter, if you catch the falling letter, it can increase the power and speed of your cluster beam.

There are eight different special weapons to choose from and to get one you have to shoot a number from one to eight that scrolls down the screen and then collect it as it floats upwards If you collect more than one of the same number the weapon is stronger in use.

The eight weapons are Directional Shot, Web Gun, Laser Cannon. Rolling Fire, Homing Flame, Swing Web, Plasma Ball and Wipe Laser.

Each weapon has a limited time/shot usage and when it runs out you have to collect another (if there are any around!!).

The graphics are good, sound pounds along happily and you will find yourself holding on to the joystick for life and THE SHEER THRILL OF BATTLE. It has been quite a while since a game got the adrenalin pumping like this, Power Strike did it for me and I think it will DO IT FOR YOU..


All you Rambo fans can sleep tight with Time Soldiers due for release in May. It is a tasty little scrolling shoot ’em up with twelve levels to conquer.

You are a soldier from the future who must travel hack through time to various ages and rescue your army buddies. Time Soldiers is a current arcade hit in Japan and Sega has taken it under licence from Alpha Denshi to produce a home version on the Master System.

On starting you are faced with a pic of a blue droid standing over your men and then you enter the game proper. The time zones you enter can be random as can be the first soldier you have to rescue, there is a message saying the evil Gylend has captured them and taken them back in time, and you have to locate and rescue a soldier in a particular time zone.

Here the fun starts, you have no control over the time zones you go to, you simply have to get through one time zone before warping to another. Each zone has different, nasty combos of aliens to be killed. The action takes place against a vertically scrolling backdrop and as you go up the screen zapping the aliens, changes them into power-ups you can collect. Some are missiles, invincibility, speed (you sure need this one) and three way fire, you have to learn where each weapon can be best used.

At the end of each wave you have an end of wave brute to take out, leaving you to warp to the next perilous time zone. Each time zone has its own style with The Primitive Age having axe wielding cavemen, spitting alligators, swooping pterodactyls. The World Wars boasts bazooka humping soldiers and a large blue jeep with a nasty habit of ramming you!

This is an enjoyable little scroller with the emphasis on fast reactions, you will find it that much easier to play if you have invested in a Rapid Fire unit. If you are a team man then get a friend to join you in a two player game - it adds a whole new dimension to the gamplay!!


One of the more unusual Sega arcade titles to reach cult status was Altered Beast, it was unusual in style and playability. The Sega Master System version has just been released and it does reflect the qualities of the coin-op, IT IS HARD TO LEARN THE TIMING AND MOVES!!!

Altered Beast is a 2 Megabit cartridge (that is 256 kilobytes to you techno boffs!) for the Sega System. The scenario is pretty simple with you playing the role of a dead centurion brought back to life by Zeus to rescue his daughter from the clutches of the evil Neff.

There are four stages to the game, you start in a graveyard with three lives. The enemies are varied and vicious (over 16 types), the main bad dudes are Headless Horrors who just love to punch you, Grave Master the man in the yellow trousers who has a reach greater than Mr Bruno!, Three-headed Wolves who prance at will, Round Leech this brute jumps on you and sucks your energy dry (I HATE THESE) and the Chicken Stinger who swipes at you with his long tail.

The arcade had three power ups but you only need two for the Master version before transforming into an Altered Beast. There is a different Altered Beast for each of the four rounds, Werewolf, Weredragon, Eretiger and Gold Werewolf.

Each form that you take gives special powers, the Werewolf allows you to shoot fireballs or move in a wall of fire over your enemies, Weredragon can fly releasing bolts of lightning or electrifying his body, Weretiger releases bouncing balls of fire and vertical sheets of flame and the Gold Werewolf throws golden balls of fire and waves of golden fire.

As you complete each stage there is an end of wave enemy to be taken on before you can get to the next stage. On stage one there is Aggar who attacks by throwing images of his head at you, these fly across the top of the screen and drop down on you. You have to avoid them and shoot his big belly before he finally dies.

The biggest problem you will find with Altered Beast is getting the timing right, it is VERY tough when you first start playing, the key is to keep your distance and learn when to use a kick or a punch, similarly when to leap and punch/kick the flying birds. To help matters you can continue four times, when the message GAME OVER is on screen push the joypad in the upper left direction and hold down buttons one and two at the same time, for the other three continues simply use the lower left, lower right, upper right joypad positions when pressing buttons one and two.

If you should happen to read elsewhere that Altered Beast is not too hot you should put it down to the reviewer not spending enough time with the game, or not being familiar with the coinop. The Master version is TOUGH but if you learn the moves you will not be disappointed!



LACONIAN POT-You can get the Laconian pot in the house in the upper left corner (it is automatically given to you). If you have obtained 200 mesetas (by killing swarms and scorpions), head for the town of Scion which is right of Camineet, go to the secondhand shop that sells secrets and try to purchase secrets three times. The third time you will be given a ROAD PASS.

Return to Camineet and replenish your hit points (HP) in the rest house. Remember the rest house is where you can be replenished for free.

PASSPORT-Head left to the spaceport and puchase a PASSPORT for 100 mesetas. Fly to Motavia and find the shop that sells rare animals in the city of Paseo. When you are asked to purchase one, say NO When asked to trade say YES and give the Laconian Pot. You will then receive MYAU. Myau has a potion called ALSULIN around her neck (check your items).

ODIN-Return to Palma and exit Camineet. South of the fortress is a cave where you will find ODIN turned to stone. Use the Alsulin and you will awaken him. Also in this cave is a treasure chest with a COMPASS which will enable you to enter the EPPI FOREST (south of the cave, USE FLASH).

Talk to the leader in the Eppi Forest and he will tell you where to find the DUNGEON KEY to enable you to enter locked dungeons. To find the key return to Camineet go into the same cave where you originally found the chest with 50 mesetas. There will be another chest with the DUNGEON KEY.

SWEETCAKE-Exit Camineet and head north to the coastline (far north of Scion) and enter the cave. Three levels down you will buy a SWEETCAKE for 1000. Return to Motavia to the city of Paseo. Enter the cave guarded by 2 guards. Give the large robot cop the sweetcake and he will let you by to see the GOVERNOR. (Follow the gold hallway to the Governor's mansion) the Governor will give you a LETTER.

Return to Paseo and exit the city in the upper left corner. Walkaround the antlions to the left and follow the mountains eventually arriving at the MAHARA CAVE in the upper left of the mountains. There you will find NOAH. If you give her the letter she will go with you.

GOTHIC-Return to spaceport. In the lower left corner go down the orange manhole. On the other side of the tunnel you will arrive in Gothic.

DR LUVENO-Exit Gothic and head south to the prison in the mountains. Here you will find DR LUVENO whom will need to see several times before he agrees to accompany your group

ASSISTANT-Return to the tunnel connecting Gothic and the spaceship. Take the branch to the right in the tunnel and on the other side of the door is DR. LUVENO'S ASSISTANT. If you have the Doctor, the assistant will go with you. Return to Gothic and exit to the right. Head down to the coastline and go left and up around mountains. Cross the lava pit on sides (be quick, don't stop to fight!). Immediately to the left is the Bortevo junkyard. Above Bortevo is a tunnel that will take you to the other side of the water. Follow the coastline around to the right and you will be at the City of Loar. (Replenish yourself after lava trip.) Proceed up and around the mountain. Head far left to Abion where you will find POLYMTRL in a First Food shop. Also, on the left side of the city is another cave (similar to the one in Camineet, where you got the dungeon key). Go in and kill Dr. Mad and you will receive the LACONIAN pot for the second time.

HAPSBY THE ROBOT-Return to the Bortevo junkyard, and go to the house with the blue door. Use the polymtrl in front of the junk pile and you will receive HASPBY THE ROBOT. Return to Gothic. The two houses in the middle of Gothic (not destroyed) house Dr Luveno and the assistant. See Dr Luveno 3 times and the third time he will have built the spaceship. SPACESHIP-To the left of Dr. Luveno's lab is a monk. He will let you go by and to his left will be the completed SPACESHIP

AMBER EYE-Fly to Uzo on Motavia and head southeast. There you will find the Casba cave. Enter and kill the Casba dragon and you will receive the AMBER EYE. On the other side is the city of Casba. There you can but the LANDROVER and you will talk to a villager about the hovercraft. When he asks if you have heard of the hovercraft, say "Yes". Return to Uzo and talk to the villagers, one will tell you where the flute is buried. Return to Bortevo junkyard and enter the very first house on Alis’ left. Go in and "Search" and you will automatically receive the HOVERCRAFT.

FLUTE-Return to Gothic. Go to the bottom left corner and at the deadend with one tree use "Search" and you will receive the FLUTE.

GAS SHIELD-Return to Palma. Go down from Scion to the coastline and use the hovercraft. While in the water, head down and to the right. You will come upon a floating island. Enter the city on the island and find the dungeon. In the dungeon you will find a shop where you can but the GAS SHIELD. Return to Motavia. Head up and to the left to poison gas field. In there is the City of Sopia. The leader will tell you about the mirror shield which is used against Medusa. To find it, leave Sopia and head left to the lake. There you will find an island with one ant lion and a few cacti. From the antlion, head down to the first cactus. Sit on it and "Search", you will receive the MIRRORSHIELD.

LACONIAN AXE-Return to Palma and go to Gothic. Exit Gothic and head down to the mountains. Left of where you found Dr Luveno is Medusa's tower. At the top of the tower, fight Medusa and you will receive the LACONIAN AXE.

LACONIAN SWORD-Return to Scion and use the hovercraft. To the right of Scion in the water is a floating tower. Look through the tower and you will find a treasure chest with the LACONIAN SWORD.

ICE DIGGER-Go to Skure on the planet of Dezoris. Make your way through all tunnels and you will find Dezoris village. There you can buy the ICE DIGGER. The ice digger can be used only at two places to actually dig through ice. One is at the Altiplano Plateau where you will find the laerma nut tree. The other is found to the left of the entrance to the final Dezorian tunnel. Follow the upper mountain range to the left and head down to find the cave containing the PRISM.

LACONIAN ARMOR-After finding the prism, head up and you will find the Guaron morgue. Note: You will know you are in the morgue because you will find nothing but zombies. Across a pit trip in the morgues will be LACONIAN ARMOR.

LACONIAN SHIELD-Head down around the mountains to the left from the morgue and you will find another tunnel. Go through the tunnel and find the LACONIAN SHIELD.

TORCH-Go to the cave where you found the prism. Go through and it will take you to Corona Tower. When you exit the cave head to the upper left to find the Corona lower. Work your way to the top of the Corona Tower. You will find a Dezorian who will trade your Amber Eye for the TORCH.

LAERMA NUTS-Proceed to Altiplano Plateau and "use" the torch at the laerma nut tree You will receive the LAERMA NUTS.

FRAD MANTLE-Return to Motavia. In the mountains south of the lake where you previously obtained mirror shield is a cave. Find Tajima (Noah's teacher) and fight and you will receive the FRAD MANTLE. Return to Scion. North of Scion is the Baya Malay Tower. surrounded by a wall. Enter guard tower with Noah's "open" magic. Answer NO" when the Robot cop asks if you have your pass, then kill him. When you exit the tower you will be on the other side of the wall. Head left and up to the cave. Go through the cave and you will be at a lava pit. Use the hovercraft to cross the lava pit and down to the left will be the BayaMalay tower.

CRYSTAL-On the first level, there are 2 sets of stairs that head up. If you take the back stairs and go up 3 more levels you will find behind a door, Damor, the soothsayer. Answer "YES" to all the questions until he asks if you believe everything he has said and then say "NO". When he asks if you are calling him a liar, say "NO" and he will give you a CRYSTAL. Note: The crystal cannot actually be used as a weapon.

MIRACLE KEY-Head back to level one and take the stairs heading up in the lower right corner.

If you explore the levels. you will come upon the MIRACLE KEY Once you have gone through level 13, you will be on the roof of Baya Malay (Blue skies, forest, etc.). "Use" the prism and then the nuts and you will fly to Lassie's castle. Once you have found and defeated Lassic, you must return to the governor, so keep Myau alive or have a transfer so that you can return to Palma When you enter the mansion, you will fall through a pit trap. Follow the corridors and you wiII fall through 2 more pit traps You will find yourself facing a two-way hall. Go to the right and go around 2 corners. Take 3 steps and face the wall on the left-a secret door will he revealed. Enter and follow corridor to a magic door. At this time, heal yourself with burgers. When you enter the door, you will be faced with the last enemy. Possible techniques: Alls-"Fire". Myau-"Help" to Noah. Odin-Attack (Equip with laser gun) Noah "Wind".


Hidden Invincible Mode-You can continue unlimited items in the 4th level. When you first enter the level, jump up and down at least 30 times using either the jump/front kick or the jump/back kick (if playing with two players each must jump up and down 30 times).

This will enable you unlimited continuous play through the main boss of this level in the one-player mode. In the two player mode you will have unlimited continuous play until the two players fight each other. Then each player is on his own — may the better man win!


Hidden Invincible Mode-Insert both control pads (1 and 2) into the power base. Before turning on the power, press and hold down the directional pad in the lower right-hand corner of the control pad 1 and the upper left-hand corner of the directional pad on control pad 2 plus button 1 on control pad simultaneously. Turn the power on and keep holding both directional pads in the above positions and button 1 on control pad 2 until the "R-Type" logo appears on the screen.

Sound Test:

On the "continue" screen (after the "Game Over" screen) a 'contdown' will start. At this time, rotate the directional pad in the counter-clockwise direction until the countdown stops (it will stop automatically). Release the directional pad and you will enter the sound test. To change sounds, rotate the directional pad right or left and pushing button 1. There are 17 sounds that can be listened to.

To Continue:

There are two continue modes for "R-type". The first allows 10 continues. When you have died three items and the "Continue" screen appears, rotate the directional pad clockwise quickly and you will receive between 10 to 12 continues depending on how quickly you rotate the pad. The second way allows more continues but is more complicated. After accessing the sound test (at 00), push and hold button 2 on the control pad 1, then push the directional pad to the left. The number 00 will change to 95. You will need to rotate down from 95 to 00 by pushing left on the directional pad of control pad 1 and button 1 after each number all the way to 00. Be sure to pause briefly after each number before changing It. At 00, push button 1 on control pad 1 until the countdown resumes. Then start rotating the directional pad clockwise and you will see credits counting up. Before the timer runs out push button 1 to start the game. If the timer runs out before pushing button 1 the credits will not count. You can continue to die and ring up credits with this mode until no more can be rung up.

Entrance of Hidden Stage:

At the 4th stage, two large blank parts of the upper-side of the screen can be found. This first blank is the entrance of the hidden stage. Move your ship into this blank space and hit the left wall with the back of your ship. At this time, the hidden stage will start.

POWER STRlKE-if you should find that three lives are not enough then press Down/Right/Down/Lett/Right/Up/Right when you are on the title screen and then press button one to start. You can then start playing the game with ten lives instead of the normal three.


Here is your chance to get your hands on the tasty Sega T-Shirt. This is an exclusive Sega club offer and the T-Shirts will be available at the special club price of £3.99 each plus postage and packing of 50p Please quote your membership number and details along with your chest size (medium, large or extra large) and send payment with the Sega club application form below.


If you are a Sega Club member and know a Sega owner who has not joined, do them a favour and tell them about the club.

They can use the form below to join and receive the benefits of a full one years membership.

Simply fill in the form below enclose a cheque or postal order for five pounds made payable to Sega Club and send to the address below:



NAME: ................................................................

ADDRESS: ...........................................................

TELEPHONE: .............

Your £5 entitles you to one year's subscription of the Sega Club:



All those Sega owners with machines that are over a year old and out of warranty will be pleased to know that Telegames (the official agent for repairing Sega consoles) operates a repair service. For the quite reasonable fee of £14.95 they will repair your Sega (P+P £2.95) and they claim a three day turnaround.

For more details contact Telegames on 0533 880445.

SAVE £££’s


PENGUIN LAND-£24.95 -SAVE £5.00

POWER STRIKE-£17.95 - SAVE £5.00



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