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Welcome to the Sega Club, my name is Tony Takoushi and I will be running the Sega Club with the help of the delectable Manolya (more on her later!).

The club has been set up to give Sega console owners the very latest news on happenings in the Sega world, this will include news on the latest hardware (joysticks, 3D glasses and light gun to name a few), software and THE ARCADES!!.

As you are probably aware Sega in NUMBER ONE in the arcade world with hits like Space Harrier, Outrun, Hang On, Thunderblade and the latest smash hit Afterburner. In coming months there will be promotions for arcade merchandise including T-shirts, stickers, badges and sweatshirts from Sega arcade hits.

Each issue of the newsletter will feature news, reviews, competitions and club promotions. Each issue will feature an EXCLUSIVE review of a new Sega game, the hit coin-op Thunderblade is featured in this issue. So if you want the latest news and reviews join the Sega Club! When you have registered as a member of the Sega Club you can ring in to the Sega Hotline with any questions you may have about the club or get the latest news. You can also leave your high score and if it is good enough it will be listed in our Master Blasters list in coming issues!!

Both Manolya and myself will be manning the Hotline and if you happen to be stuck at a certain point in a game then use the Hotline for some tips, we are here to help you.

A national network of user groups will be set up. BUT IT WILL NEED YOUR SUPPORT!!

I am looking for Sega owners to set up local clubs around the country and I will attend your club nights and tell you all about the latest games and maybe even demo the latest prototypes to hit the UK as well as giving you special Sega merchandise. Club visits will be feature articles in future issues of the newsletter, so now is your chance to be famous get a club going and let us know!!

The Sega Club is being set up FOR YOU, so do write in and tell us what you want to see or if there is anything you do not like.

So do not waste anymore time,


Get ready for a redhot Christmas and an exciting 1989 with new games and a new light gun to warm up those cold winter nights.

The Sega console now comes in three value packs. Pack one is 79.95 for the console, two hand controllers and built-in game (Hang on). Pack Two at 99.95 has the console, light phaser, two hand controllers and built-in games (Hang On and Safari Hunt). Pack Three is 129.95 and has the 3D Glasses, ^ light phaser, two controllers and built-in game Missile Defence 3D. Packs two and three will be available from October.

The release schedules from now to Christmas are pretty impressive with over 20 titles due for release. They cover all areas of interest from the hardener arcade to the puzzle solving strategist. On the arcade front there is the hit arcade game Shinobi, Thunderblade (see over page), Alex Kidd the Lost Stars, Kenseiden, Azter Adventure, Super Wonderboy in Miracle Land. Puzzle Solvers can tackle Penguin Land, Shanghai and the Role Playing enthusiast has not been forgotten with Phantasy Star one of the biggest games EVER for the Sega with a battery back-up/save option, Golvellius and Miracle Warrior.

Sega is keen to develop 3D games and the choice is getting better and wider with the likes of Space Harrier 3D, Outrun 3D, Submarine 3D and Maze Hunter 3D. The games are getting very sophisticated and the 3D effect almost has you leaping out of your chair as the enemy seems to fly out of the screen at you!!

The light Gun has not been forgotten with a new machine gun scheduled for release in 1989 which has a very fast fire rate and the new games for it will reflect this (I am sure all you fans of the arcade game Operation Wolf will appreciate this).


All you Sega sensation seekers can sleep easy now!

The hit arcade game Thunderblade has been converted to the Sega console format and boy what a conversion!!

As usual I had some reservations, how could they convert a game with such superb graphics and speed to console format? Incredibly well is the answer! The scene is set with rebel forces having invaded your country and their plan is to overthrow the government and replace it with their own cruel and corrupt dictator (boo hiss!).

You are the finest helicopter pilot alive and you go under the name Gunship Gladiator. Your mission is simple, pilot the Thunderblade helicopter in a battle to the death with the advancing enemy.

Thunderblade has four stages (Urban Combat/Mountain and Desert/River Delta and Refinery). In each stage you will encounter both ground and air forces and the scenes will feature vertical and horizontal scrolling. At the end of each stage you will do battle with a Super Fortress.

Presentation is state-of-the-art, each new Sega game seems to have better graphics and playability. Thunderblade is a prime example with a hi-res piccy (just like the arcade!) of a helicopter flying through a city and the title etched in BLOOD RED across it. You start the game with three lives with extra lives given at 500,000 and then every million (you have to WORK for these babies!).

On pressing the fire button you are shown the stage number and the number of lives and then you enter battle. The first scene is Urban Combat (a vertical scroll) and has you blasting your way through a city high above its rooftops. The enemy takes the form of jungle green helicopters who are just dying to let you have it with their machine guns and death dealing swoops. You can dodge and weave between them but the best defence is simply to let them have it! To make life a bit harder there are tanks at intersections which lob missiles, you can avoid them or fire your missiles to take them out.

You really have to be on your toes, the action comes thick and fast and you will find yourself lunging (as I did) for the pause button to rest your tired hand, that is how fast the action is.

If you make it to the end of the first part you swoop up off the top of the screen and then find yourself zooming down BETWEEN buildings zapping formations of helicopter that approach from above, below and the sides of the screen. All the while the buildings hurtle past on either side of you '''(wow!), there are some good combinations here and if you are hot on the trigger you can take out whole formations and wack up that score.

The real villians here are the tanks which fire intense white missiles at you which have a nasty habit of hitting you! Avoid tanks at all costs in fact the best tactic is to blast them and dodge their fire.

At the end of this stage you face a Super Fortress, this is a H-U-G-E jet fighter with machine guns.

You fly up the outside of it taking out the gun bases and destroying the control in the nose cone. You are then given your hit ratio for the wave and a 400,000 point bonus.

Stage Two has you fighting wide sweeping patterns of helicopters over gorgeous gold coloured mountains. The tanks below are determined to take you out so again you need to be fast on trigger and reflexes. At the end of this part you swoop down into a wide open plain with big colourful trees below, and dozens of planes just begging to be zapped.

If you survive these you see a cliff face ahead with an entrance to the left side. You have to zoom down into this entrance and then quickly swerve back to the right and start avoiding big pillars that come at you thick and fast (phew), left, right, left, right keep going!! The action is fast and the graphics are hunky and good on the eye.

Just before you leave the cave there are a mass of tanks firing at you avoid these and fly out through the exit to a wide open plain again where you are attacked by lighting fast jets.

The above is only a description of the first two levels (you will have to buy the game to see the rest!) and I think you will agree the action is scorching hot. Thunderblade rates as one of the fastest games I have ever played and also has some of the finest graphics in any Sega game, the sound and spot effects bounce along with the action.

To get the best out of this game I would recommend you invest in the Rapid Fire unit from Sega, this guarantees you a fast megablast and helps save your trigger finger (tell me about it).

Thunderblade is second to none as an arcade game, and this conversion gets the Takoushi seal of approval, need I say more . . .


In level three of Choplifter (the cavern) where a lava pit is causing problems travelling backwards usually helps psych the lava out until you have passed it.

In Zillion when you come to a dead end shoot the wall in front of you 8 to 15 times. If it is not really a dead end then a passage will open up into another room.

In Ghost House jump over as many arrows as you can (at least 16 or 17 of them) until you get a shield. This allows you to attack everything in your way without draining your power. Even Drac baby cannot touch you with a shield on!

In My Hero if you jump over a knife throwers head wihtout kicking him and then punch him in the back you will get an extra life.


It is compo time and entry could not be simpler.

Up for grabs are 25 solid brass keyrings engraved with the Outrun logo.

A draw will be made in December of all REGISTERED members of the Sega Club, all the names will go into the hat and the first 25 names picked out will each receive one of the limited edition Outrun keyrings.

The 25 lucky winners will be listed in the next issue of the Sega Club newsletter.


If you are a Sega fan or simply hanker after Afterburner or Thunderblade arcade games you can now show your loyalty to the world!!

As a special offer to club members you can choose from three special T-Shirts, a Sega logo, Afterburner or Thunderblade. All three T-Shirts arc at the special price of 3.99 for registered members (plus postage and packing of 50 pence). Please quote your membership number and details along with your chest size (medium/large or extra large) or simply send payment (see membership form) with your Sega Club application form.

The competition is open to all REGISTERED Sega Club members, so hurry up fill in the membership form and do not get left out. . .


Do not forget if you want to receive the newsletter, use the Hotline and be eligible for competitions and club offers YOU MUST REGISTER.

Simply fill in the form below enclose a cheque or postal order for five pounds made payable to Sega club and sent to:

NAME ............................
ADDRESS ...........................
TELEPHONE ..............................
Your £5 entitles you to one year’s subscription of the Sega Club:



Every issue of the newsletter will feature a top ten highscore table, and a nominated game. To make a claim for fame simply drop us a line or ring in to the Hotline leaving your score. CHEATS BEWARE! WE MAY ASK FOR PROOF OF YOUR SCORE!

Here are the current top five game scores:


The line is open 24 hours a day (answer machine service after office hours) FOR YOU, SO USE IT!


If you have any hard/software queries or need info as to where to find Sega games then ring us on the Sega Hotline have your registration details ready when you call so we can process your question as quickly as possible.

Letters will be published in every issue, so put pen to paper and send those questions and comments in.

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