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Game VGM Pack Help Wanted

Air Rescue

Master System / PSG

Music composer: Nasubi

Download zip 42KB13 tracks
Download VGM7z 27KBv1.01

by Maxim; CRV

Unknown track


Master System / PSG

Music Composer: Nasu-B; OST: Alan Menken, Howard Ashman, Tim Rice

Download zip 52KB18 tracks
Download VGM7z 34KBv1.01

by Grass-eatin'me

Better titles requested, in form of Original soundtrack titles. "A Friend Like Me" has a trimming error.

Fantasy Zone

Game Gear / PSG

Sound: Yoko Wada; Composition (adapted tracks): Hiroshi Kawaguchi

Download zip 54KB13 tracks
Download VGM7z 40KBv1.00

by Sonic of 8!

No Japanese track titles

Master of Darkness

Master System / PSG

Download zip 113KB14 tracks
Download VGM7z 73KBv1.01

by CRV

Incomplete Japanese tags; inaccurate release date; credits need to be updated

Tom and Jerry: The Movie

Game Gear / PSG

Composers: Yoko Wada

Download zip 45KB15 tracks
Download VGM7z 28KBv1.00

by sherpa

No Japanese tags;

Tom and Jerry: The Movie

Master System / PSG

Composers: Yoko Wada, P Ko Chan

Download zip 42KB10 tracks
Download VGM7z 29KBv1.00

by sherpa

No Japanese tags; inaccurate release date;

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