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Deep Duck Trouble

Master System / PSG

Composer: Saori Kobayashi; programmers: Nagao'O'Gee, Lotty

Download zip 80KB24 tracks
Download VGM7z 59KBv1.11

by Johnnyz, Yawackhary

Legend of Illusion - Starring Mickey Mouse

Master System / PSG

Sound Project Coordinator: Saori Kobayashi; Sound Composers: Yayoi Fujimori, Kayako Maeda, Kamiya Studio

Download zip 87KB27 tracks
Download VGM7z 61KBv1.00

by Johnnyz

Inaccurate release date; credits not in GD3 tags

Sonic Drift 2

Game Gear / PSG

Download zip 42KB24 tracks
Download VGM7z 27KBv1.00

by Classic Game Guy

No Japanese titles

Sylvan Tale

Game Gear / PSG

Composers: Saori Kobayashi

Download zip 89KB31 tracks
Download VGM7z 59KBv1.00

by sherpa

Some Japanese tags;

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