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Sega Game Gear with box and Columns. Sega Game Gear in pieces. Sega Game Gear from ebay. Sega Dreamcast. With a useless modem and Japanese VMUs.

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I was gone for far too long, but I'M BACK! That's all.


For anyone who cares, I am not dead! Just tired... Happy New Year! For the new year, I'm going to play this song ALL OF THE TIME:


And now I have one. I also bought a new Game Gear, I'll post the Serial Number later.


I really need a new hard drive for that stupid desktop...


This is awesome. Bet you don't have this game.


I found this about a year ago and thought I would share it.

Note: The intro(Cool part) is painful.

Want your ears fixed now? No need to thank me for this.


My Dreamcast is dying, and it complains when I put a disk in... so I found this song...

Guns n' Roses - Used to Love Her

In other news, I also need to fix my old desktop... Again...

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