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Credits: Batman Forever (バットマンフォーエヴァー)

Brian Smyj, Jeff Gibson, Matt Norklun, Sasha Raught, Peewee Piemonte, Michael Margotta, Elizabeth Rossa

An Acclaim Black Team Production

Game Producer
Douglas Yellin
Associate Producers
Michael Archer, Tyrone Miller
Simon Gouldstone,
Administrative Assistant
Kristen Muzer
Lead Tester
Jim Dunn
Andy Falk, Richard Varney, Jeff Rosa, Damon Tabb
Special Thanks
Larry Kelley, Jeremy Schwartz, Rob Zimmelman, Rob Muzer, Howard Schwartz, Roger Booth

A Probe Production

Balor Knight
Game Producers
Tony Beckwith, Tim Bradstock
Nick Baynes
Music And Sfx Arrangements
Andy Brock
Anna Knight, Darren Goodacre, Ned Langman, Pierson Lippard, Kevin McMahon, Phil Williams
Alex Lawrence, Darren Goodacre, Dimitri Bakalov
Animation Editors
Balor Knight, Kevin Watts, Tim Bradstock
Level Designers
Balor Knight, Simon Bland, Jonathan Gibson
Q.A. Team
Gary Patino, James Brown, Vicky Cheale, Nick McGee, Michael Movel, Clifford Ramsey, Mark Viccary
Chris Pile, Carl Muller, Gary Liddon, Bob Armour
Propack Compression
Rob Northen
Special Thanks To
Jade Lucas...

Shot At Acclaim Studios, Glen Cove, New York

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