Infinite Lives

When you reach a special treasure pot, hit it so that the bonuses fly out, collect the extra life and walk off the screen, then walk back to the chest to collect another life. Continue this until you have enough lives to complete the game.

Secret Room 1

On round 1-1 as Obelix, go into the first well, and stand on the platform at the left of the screen. When it falls, walk left to go through a wall into the room.

Secret Room 2

Play as Obelix in round 2-1, jump onto the rotating platforms to the Menhir container, then jump to the platform on top. Do small steps where there isn't grass and you will suddenly fall into a secret room.

Round select (hacking required)

There is a level select but it has been deliberately removed from the final ROM. There are several ways to reinstate it:

  1. Use an Pro Action Replay cartridge with code 00C08F00.
  2. Re-patch where it looks like the cheat was removed, by writing 00 at ROM address 001214.

The game returns to the title screen after each level.

Action Replay codes

Infinite energy (keeps showing three squares on the life meter)
Infinite lives (keeps showing 3)
Infinite time (no need to disable at the end of each level)

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